The Wookee Vibrator


Not During Intercourse – The inside part is larger and not designed to have anything in with it. It is designed for couples to use, but not during intercourse.

Larger Inner Part – The shape make it stay in place naturally with no straps or panties. A big difference to most couples vibrators.

Small Outer Part – The small outer profile makes it discreet (does not look like a package in front). It can be comfortably worn with jeans and even in a swimsuit!

Two Motors – The motors are controlled independently and can be adjusted to meet your own personal preferences.

LED Feedback – The Wookee has a subtle LED built into it that lets you know what is going on: Pairing, lost connection, On/Off and when charging it glows softly up and down in a breathing pattern to let you know it is sleeping and recharging.

Submersible – Tested to 30m the Wookee is fully water safe. Designed to be used in the bather, but testers have even tried it with their partners at the local pool!

Medical Grade Silicone – No one should use anything else!

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi – Remotely controlled from your phone using Bluetooth but if you want to play with a playmate you can give access to your Wookee over the internet.

“It felt lovely from the moment I put it in. It just felt so comfortable and stayed in place naturally. After a few minutes I forget it was there, that was until my partner started to play with it.”


“Once in it just stayed there and it was also so discreet that I could even wear it with trousers too.”

The Charger



Induction Charging – To keep the Wookee waterproof and clean Triple LG decided that it should have no openings in it at all. This means it is waterproof and easy to wash. Then to charge it you simply lay it down in its egg and it automatically starts to charge. No wires, nothing.

USB Cable – You do have to plug the charger in and this is done using a standard USB charging device. It simply plus into your USB phone charger, computer or even USB car charger.

Travel Case – The charging egg also doubles up as a discreet travel case. It snaps closed and pops right into your bag.

“This may sound silly but the charger is beautiful.”


“I love the way it sleeps. That slow breathing like glow is cute.”

Buttons on the Web


Anywhere Access – Sometimes your playmate might not have access to their phone, but do have access to a computer or someone else’s phone. We have put a simple Buttons Touch interface on the web. Simply go to the website, login, connect with your playmate and play with their Wookee.

“The web thing is wonderful. It means we can even play in my office where using the phone is not an option.”



iPhone/Android/Watch – The Buttons app will be available on iPhone and Android, and now we also plan to release a simple version of it for the Apple Watch too. Apart from the watch the app will look the same on all devices and function the same. We are trying hard to make it look all the same for all users.

Discreet – Our designer’s goal was to make Buttons look cool, sleek and most of all not like a remote vibrator controller. Buttons is that app.

Large controls – One thing we have noticed is that when you play with a sex toy your coordination is not always 100%. The Buttons app has been designed with this in mind. All the controls are clear and easy to use. When controlling the Wookee itself we get rid of as much as we can from the screen and just give you two big control areas.

Panic Button – For whatever reason the Wookee vibrator user may need to suddenly break the connection and stop everything (you child walks in, your mother walks in etc.). In this situation finding your phone, unlocking the screen and finding the stop button is not always quick enough. We give you both that option as well as the shake to stop feature. Just pick the phone up and shake it. Everything stops and you can look cool again.

Touch Mode – Touch mode is your first port of call. It is where you get to play with your Wookee vibrator. The screen lets you remotely control each motor in your Wookee independently. Slide one the other and the other motor reacts. Each motor controlled independent of the other.

Tap mode – In addition to Touch mode, Tap mode lets you play in a more staccato way. Tap one side of the screen and the motor buzzes at that intensity for a brief moment. Tap slower and it buzzes longer. Now try to stroke the motor control and the motor intensity builds up and then stops as your finger leaves the screen. Ultimate in teasing. Finally rum your fingers on the screen and watch your partner wriggle!

Multi User Mode – Imagine you and a playmate both have a Wookee. You are in different locations. You both pop your Wookee’s in. Then one takes control of both Wookee’s. The one controlling feels their Wookee reacting, and also the other one feels their Wookee react exactly the same. Now imagine scaling this up with more and more playmates!

Sound – Sound is where your phone, or your playmates phone, listens to the room around you and makes your Wookee react. Sounds can be anything from voices, music or even the sound of a spank or gasp. Let your playmate speak into their phone and feel their voice. Place your phone in a room and feel the noises that come. Or put some music on and enjoy how it feels.

Motion – Motion is a new way to remotely control your Wookee from a phone. There are two modes: One is where simply tilting your phone forward and back adjusts the intensity of the motors while tilting it left and right adjusts the distribution of the vibrations to the inner or outer motors. Fun for conductors! The second mode is where it reacts to your movements in the same way a step counter records your steps. Pop it in your pocket and see how it reacts to your motions. Also might help you reach your step goals too!

Photo Sharing – A feature not found on any vibrator app we have seen so far is secure photo sharing, but we believe this is vital for remote sensual interaction. The problem with photo sharing is security: Will that photo get out? With Triple LG’S secure photo sharing this is not a worry. When you take and send a photo to a playmate you decide how long they get to keep that photo. After a set period of time the photo will automatically be deleted from their phone. Also the photos are hidden from your phone too. They will not show up on your camera roll or anything. They are private photos and they should stay that way.

Patterns – This is the feature that most vibrators have and Triple LG are no different. Simply select a pattern, put your phone down and enjoy.

“Simply the most advanced vibrator I have ever seen.”


“I love that I can take photos and know I am safe in sending them.”


“My partner loves Buttons. Actually so do I. He took to it in seconds and drives me crazy controlling my toy. Shopping in the supermarket has never been so much fun.”

Buttons Infrastructure


Private – The internet infrastructure that is behind the Triple LG vibrator is private and secure. When you sign up you do not need to give us a Google or Facebook id. It is completely separate. We do not store any personal information or photos. We only transfer information (if recipient is offline then temporary storage might be required). We believe your pleasure is private and we aim to keep it that way.

Open API – In the future we see that the ability to let people remotely control your Triple LG Wookee go beyond the Buttons app. We see chat websites offering this ability or even game provides, with your consent of cause. This is why the API to our infrastructure will be open. Note this will not compromise your
security of safety in any way, just give you more options.

“Simple, I feel safe.”
“I am happy I did not have to use my Facebook or Google account to register. Made me feel that this is more private.”