Triple LG Background

Triple LG Ltd, the company behind the Wookee, was founded in 2014 by two IT professionals and continues to grow privately. These guys realised that the sex industry had almost completely been bypassed by the technology revolution that has embraced the rest of the world.

In the last ten years the world took a significant leap in information technology: Today almost everyone has a smart mobile phone; the world has become globally, and wirelessly, interconnected; security/privacy are now important concerns for everyone and even businesses have changed the way they evolve due to this technology revolution.

Triple Go is therefore uniquely equipped to fulfil three primary goals: First, to bring sex toys into the twenty-first century. Second, to make technology-based flirtation/sex safer and more fun. Finally to help the sex industry embrace the technology that the rest of the world now takes for granted.

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The Triple LG Philosophy

The two founder members of Triple LG bring together English business acumen with German engineering and design. Add to that Hawaiian charm and you have the origins of the company.

Triple LG is basically trying to make this world a little bit of a safer and more fun place to live. The fundamental goal is to simply improve female sexual fulfillment, let women take control of the sexual lives and open up new and exciting avenues for pleasure.

Triple LG aims is to reach this goal by building high quality, innovative product that actually helps people, both physically and mentally. Triple LG is always striving for quality, excellence and fulfillment for everyone, one at a time.

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