The Wookee Vibrator
The Wookee vibrator by Triple LG

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GVibe Wookee and Buttons

The Wookee

A phone remote controlled vibrator like no other

Buttons – Wookee phone app

  • Full control from your phone
  • Simple & easy to use
  • No separate controllers
  • Discreet – works through clothing

Playmates – Play with others

  • You grant access, or not
  • You can stop anytime
  • Let others have control
  • Controlled from anywhere over the Internet

Sounds – Turn sounds into fun

  • Any sound can become fun
  • React to music in the room
  • React to voices or talking
  • A clap, slap, exclamation can becomes pleasure


Motion Control – Discreet

  • Move your phone and feel it
  • Tilt back, vibrate inside
  • Tilt forward, vibrate outside
  • Discreet vibrator control when in public

Motion Reaction – Body motion

  • Pocket your phone & enjoy
  • Hands free vibrator
  • Dancing like never before
  • Walk & feel it, run & really enjoy it!

Photo – Secure photo sharing

  • Take a photo and keep it safe
  • Share a photos confidently
  • Tease with delete timers
  • Photos deleted from recipients phone anytime!


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Wookee Profile Key Points

A New Design that Works

Larger Inner Profile – The Wookee from Triple LG is comfortable and stays in place with no need for straps or panties.
It will not escape so you can confidently take your fun out of the bedroom. Designed for couples to have fun, but not during intercourse.

Small Outer Part – The small outer profile of the Wookee makes it very discreet (does not look like a package in front) and still vibrates. It can be worn comfortably under jeans and even a swimsuit!


The wookee from Triple LG felt lovely from the moment I put it in. It was comfortable and stayed in place naturally. After a few minutes I forget it was there, that was until my partner started to play with the control on his phone.

Once in, the Wookee just stayed there. It was so discreet that I could even wear it under my skinny jeans

Triple LG Remote Controlled Vibrator

Phone Controlled – Remote controlled vibrator from your phone.

Multi User – If your playmate has one too then play together.

Photo Sharing – While you play send your playmate photos in safety.

Motion Control – Move your phone and feel it react in response.

Motion Reaction – Move your body and feel it react in response.

Sound Control – Speak or make a noise and it vibrates inside accordingly.

Panic Button – Shake your phone and everything stops, just in case.

Easy To Use – Easy to use and big buttons too.

Tap Mode – Tap or stroke the phone and feel that inside. Tease mode.

 and so much more to this Internet vibrator too.

Wookee Playmates Internet Vibrator

Simply the most advanced vibrator I have ever used and simply the most fun too.

The Wookee changed the way we have sex. We now play more than ever and in places I wont tell you about.

A remote controlled vibrator where I use my phone: Now I never loose the controller.

The Wookee Internet Vibrator

Wookee Internet Vibrator

Phone Control

Wookee Submersible


Wookee Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Wookee Two Powerful motors

Two Powerful motors

Wookee Comfortable Design

Comfortable Design

Nuclear free Internet Vibrator

Nuclear free

Wookee Pantie free

Pantie free

Wookee Built-in patterns

Built-in patterns

GVibe Secure infrastructure

Secure infrastructure

Hamster free Internet Vibrator

No hamster required

Wookee Small outer profile

Small outer profile

GVibe Playmate Partnering Internet Vibrator

Playmate Partnering

Wookee Panic Button

Panic Button

Wookee Medical Grade Silicone

Medical Grade Silicone

Wookee Customisable speeds

Customisable speeds

Wookee Independent motor control

Independent motor control

GVibe Global Connect Internet Vibrator

Global Connection Network

Triple LG presents an Internet controlled vibrator that lets you connect with Playmates anywhere in the world over the internet.

Simply add a playmate and grant them access to your Triple LG Internet vibrator anytime you want to play.

With this Internet vibrator you can be anywhere in the world; your playmate can be anywhere in the world too and yet you can still play.

If your playmate has a Triple LG Wookee vibrator of their own then the fun can be doubled.
Simply let them connect to your Triple LG Internet vibrator, one of you takes the rains and both of you feel the pleasure. Perfect for cybersex and you are not restricted to just two of you!

Technical Specifications

  • Full remote controlled vibrator
  • Remote Internet vibrator
  • Two powerful vibrator motors
  • Remote Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: Wireless Recharging – Micro USB Cable included for the charger
  • Battery Life Constant Use: 3-5 hours constant use per charge
  • Battery Life Average Use: 14 hours average use per charge
  • Phone Battery: With Bluetooth 4.0 it does not run your phone battery down
  • Medical Grade Silicone – No latex
  • Waterproof Tested: 30m
  • Vibrator Certified: CE, ROHS, FCC
Wookee™ Inside

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